Experience the Magic of Dr.Rashel Onion Shampoo and Onion Conditioner

29 Jun, 2023


In the modern world, busy life, pollution, poor sleep, and stress have resulted in many health problems. One of them being hair-related problems like itchy scalp, dandruff, and hair fall. With the stressful life, even people in their 20's are experiencing these hair issues. The lack of good hair care products has also worsened the concerns. 

Today the market is filled with shampoos and conditioners made with harmful chemicals like sulfate and paraben. These hair products may potentially cause hormonal disruption and dryness/irritation of the scalp and hair. To keep your hair intact, Sulphate free shampoo and hair conditioner should be your number one priority.

Dr.Rashel's Onion Shampoo is the best sulphate and paraben free shampoo in India. With 100% natural extracts of Black Seed Onion, it is one of the best shampoos for hair growth, loaded with vitamins A, C, E and B5. Complementing the SLS free shampoo is the sulphate free conditioner. This fantastic duo of Onion shampoo and conditioner will keep you stress free from the worries of hair problems. 


1. Unleashing the Power of Onion Extracts:

     You won't believe what humble onions can do for your hair! Picture this: onion extracts are like little hair superheroes. They contain sulfur compounds that give your hair a boost of collagen, which, in turn, promotes hair growth. But that's not all—onion extracts also have antibacterial and antifungal properties that can bid farewell to dandruff and scalp infections. Dr.Rashel Onion Shampoo and Onion Conditioner bring all this onion goodness straight to your shower routine, making it super easy to pamper your hair.

2. Nourish and Hydrate Like a Boss:

     Who doesn't want healthy, hydrated hair that shines brightly? Dr.Rashel Onion Shampoo and Onion Conditioner have got you covered! These babies are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, including vitamin A, C and E. Say hello to nourishment and hydration, and wave goodbye to dryness, frizz, and breakage. Prepare yourself for locks that are so smooth, shiny, and manageable.

3. Strengthening and Repairing like Magic:

     Say goodbye to hair fall and breakage. The nutrients present in Onion extracts help rebuild and fortify your hair follicles, leaving you with hair that's healthier and more resilient. Bid farewell to Split ends and brittleness. The power-packed duo will also help fight premature greying, making you look younger.  

4. Happy Scalp, Happy Hair:

     Let's not forget about the hero behind the scenes: your scalp! Dr.Rashel Onion Shampoo and Onion Conditioner take good care of your scalp, ensuring it's a happy and healthy environment for hair growth. They kick those dandruff-causing bacteria and fungi to the curb, bid farewell to flakes, and wave goodbye to itchiness. Oh, and did we mention they're antimicrobial? So, they'll soothe your scalp, relieve any discomfort, and create a harmonious space for your hair to thrive.

5. Made for Everyone:

     We know that every hair type is unique and special in its own way. That's why Dr.Rashel Onion Shampoo and Onion Conditioner are like the best friends you never knew you needed—they're perfect for everyone! Dry hair? Oily hair? Normal hair? They've got your back. These products are gentle and versatile, working their magic on all hair textures without causing any extremes of dryness or oiliness. It's a win-win situation for everyone!

     Dr.Rashel also has a wide variety of shampoos and conditioners made with 100% natural extracts of ingredients like Rice Water, Aloe Vera, Argan etc. You can also explore these options for healthy hair growth.