The perfect solution for glowing skin

25 Nov, 2022

Have you tried every trick in the book, and still, your skin looks dull, dry, and pale? Have all the home remedies failed to give you the glowing skin you wanted? We understand the pain and struggle. Worry not. There is a solution to it. But before we come to the solution, let's dig deep into why skin becomes dull and dry. On a daily basis, skin degrades because of pollution, sun damage, and bad nutrition. It's impossible to avoid the sun and pollution, but with the right diet and nutrients, the skin tissues can be strengthened, restored and rejuvenated. Vitamin C is one of the most crucial nutrients for the skin. It helps to rebuild skin cells and reduce skin damage.

 The best way to supply vitamin c is by using Vitamin C Serum directly on your skin. Why Serum? Well, serum has a good number of active molecules that can go deep into the skin and promote the regeneration of skin cells. Vitamin c serum is the most effective personal care product that beauty professionals and dermatologists recommend for fighting skin damage.

 Some amazing benefits of Vitamin C Serum:

 Fights sun damage – Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can cause sunburn and dark spots on the skin. It repairs your UV-damaged skin, brightens it, and protects it from further sun damage.


Boosts collagen production – Collagen is a protein found in skin tissues. It helps to heal the skin. Vitamin C plays a critical role in maintaining a good collagen network in the skin. With Vitamin C Serum, you can supply Vitamin C to your face and amplify the healing process.


Controls signs of ageingVitamin C Serum assists in the skin's healing process. It also keeps the skin soft by retaining and maintaining moisture levels. With increased moisturization, the wrinkles and fine lines on the skin start to disappear, giving you a youthful look.

Lite on the skin – Compared to creams and lotions, serums tend to be lighter on the skin as they get absorbed quickly. Thus, why Vitamin C Serum becomes a good alternative for people who need the benefits of Vitamin C but without the greasiness of face creams and lotions.


How to use Vitamin C Serum

 You can apply Vitamin C serum twice a day for the best results. But if you want to apply serum only once a day, it's recommended to use it in the morning, as it protects your skin from UV light. Vitamin C Serum works best when your skin is properly exfoliated. Dead skin can be an obstacle for the serum to get absorbed into the skin. So, a good face wash is recommended before applying the serum. We highly recommend a vitamin c face wash to compliment the serum.

 Here is a step-by-step guide to using Vitamin C serum

 Step 1: Clean your face

 Step2: Apply serum evenly on your face and neck.

 Step3: After the serum is absorbed into the skin, apply a moisturizer or sunscreen if you are stepping out in the sun.

 Do this every day and get ready to seize the day!